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Businesses Can Add a Touch of Class With Frosted Glass

Businesses Can Add a Touch of Class With Frosted Glass


It’s not just that it looks great, frosted glass can be used to promote your brands, provide privacy and attract visitor attention. You see it in modern high-rise building, elegant restaurants, stores and doctors’ offices everywhere.

The next time you see what you think is frosted glass, look closely. Is the glass chemically etched or sandblasted? You may discover that, what you thought was traditional frosted glass, is etched vinyl graphics applied to clear glass or a mirror. It comes in adhesive-backed sheets and is like the other materials that sign companies use. The difference is that applying it to glass gives it the frosted effect.

Traditional techniques for making frosted glass use fluoride acids or sandblasting. The process is labor-intensive, has long lead times and leaves little room for error. You don’t want to finalize an order for chemically etched or sandblasted frosted glass unless you are 110 percent sure that you are ordering what you want!

Etched glass vinyl from Image360 is much more forgiving! You will find that frosted glass vinyl graphics are affordable, available with shorter lead times, removable and replaceable. The number of ways that you can use etched glass vinyl in your business is limited only by your imagination.

Give Office Visitors a Great First Impression

Frosted glass in vinyl is a great medium if you want to showcase your brand. Whatever it is that makes you unique or better should be written in vinyl frosted glass at the entrance to your business. By the time new visitors cross your threshold, they should already have a favorable impression of you.

Increase Walk-In Traffic

Are a high percentage of your new customers walk-ins? Your frosted glass entrance in etched vinyl graphics should be both inviting and informational. You know what questions prospective customers ask. You know what they need. Would more prospects walk in if they received that information up front? The right frosted-glass solution in etched vinyl graphics will make your business look friendly and approachable.

Provide Privacy in an Open Office Layout

In today’s offices, open layouts are more the norm than the exception. Companies like them because they can change floorplans with relative ease. Employees like them because they feel less oppressive. The abundance of natural light helps.

The biggest challenge in an open layout is providing privacy. Everyone likes the natural light that passes through glass-walled offices and conference rooms, but nobody likes feeling like he or she is on display. Vinyl privacy films permit diffused light to pass through and still obscure what’s happening inside. They can even be cut and configured to create frosted glass art, designs or even messages.

Vinyl Frosted Glass in Restaurants

If you own a restaurant or a pub, you understand the importance of giving customers that warm and cozy feeling. That’s part of the beauty of frosted glass in vinyl. Customers seated next to windows can enjoy a new level of privacy.

Use Frosted Glass Lettering for Interior Signage

Help visitors navigate your building with signs in frosted glass. Mount a vinyl frosted-glass label on the door or glass wall. It’s attractive and affordable.

The Possibilities Are Endless!

These are only a few ideas of what is possible with etched glass vinyl. Bring sketches, graphics, logos or simply your rough ideas to your local Image360 and we’ll discuss the possibilities. Experts in signage, graphics and displays, we’ll find an affordable solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations! Use our store locator to find the location nearest to you. Check out our website and see what other products and services we offer.



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5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating!

Gordon and Makiko have leaped through bounds to ensure our installations are done to the highest quality and in a timely manner. With us being a large format printer that serves luxury brands, it is imperative to work with installation companies such as Image 360 who go above and beyond to get a job done. They have always been flexible with our everchanging needs and willing to put in the work for any project we send their way. We would highly recommend using Image 360's installation services for any project you have in mind.

5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating!

I give Image360 the highest possible recommendation due to their terrific customer service and their lightning-fast response. I found them through a Facebook page, and went to them for a very small vinyl sticker project. I was concerned I would not get their attention because my job was probably way smaller than their usual jobs, but boy was I wrong. They treated me as if I was one of their best customers, even though it was my first time working with them. Both telephone and email communication was clear and prompt. They executed my small project in one day and the results were exactly as expected. It’s refreshing to encounter a local business that puts customer service first. Go see them!

5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating!

I appreciate our long standing working relationship with Image360. Gordon and Makiko are always friendly and helpful and provide amazing turnaround on the items we request to keep our business at Round Rock Toyota looking 100%. Always great to be able to do business locally!

5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating!

When Habitat needed to replace one of its construction trailers due to theft, Gordon Stehr with Image360 - Round Rock stepped in to donate the print and install of a new wrap AND secured in-kind donations of the vinyl from Avery Dennison and GSG - Graphic Solutions Group. Thank you Gordon!!

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